OCA Sprint 2017 - Hard Work & Great Achievements

It's always a pleasure to take part in an OCA code sprint.
31 augustus 2017

Onestein B.V.

It's always a pleasure to take part in an OCA code sprint. Three days of intensive coding, young contributors together with their  community mates, alle experts in Odoo, all of us sharing the same passion...developing Odoo.  This year the event was in the lively Barcelona, organised by OCA and Eficent (New York and Barcelona based Odoo Specialist). More than 60 developers were present, coming from Spain, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany and Italy. During the sprint, people were organised in teams and each team was focused on a single subject; everyone was free to choose his preferred topic.


 This year the main topic of the sprint was the porting of existing OCA modules to V10. The largest team was built around the porting of the OpenUpgrade migration scripts. I personally joined that team; special thanks to Ronald (from Therp) who was our mentor. Antonio joined the DDMRP team (Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning), contributing to the development of three new modules. Other teams were focusing on e-commerce, accounting, EDI, project. Particular interest raised over the ShopInvader project from Akretion. With the campaign: "Sorry Magento Shopinvader is coming", ShopInvader is a proposal of a webshop integrated with Odoo. We also saw a nice connector for filling timesheets by using an external tool "Toggl", presented by Sunflower IT. Another team was dedicated on fixing as much issues as possible. And much more...

Besides of the hard work and the great achievements, this sprint will be probably remembered as the one where Odoo SA (with a great team of 4 developer) joined the effort with OCA. Many pull requests were merged in Odoo during the three days, and gladly some PRs were opened by Onestein :)

A funny moment was a temporary outage of Github during the third day: someone tweeted that the cause was the hard coding by the sprinters!

In short, it was a productive gathering where the social contacts were strengthened. Looking forward to the next OCA Code Sprint!