Open source as eye opener

‘ Open source is not only the innovative engine for developments such as Internet of Things, Cloud, data of operating systems, it also produces a new generation of open source companies that, in their turn, bring groundbreaking, innovative solutions to the market.’
21 juni 2017

Onestein B.V.

An inspiring quote by Paul Santinelli, General Partner of venture capital firm North Bridge. His statement might seem a bit heavy if not for Blackduck’s yearly research of the developments of Open Source offering a firm and factual foundation.

Open source is winning the hearts of companies and it is doing it in a quick pace. Within 10 years it has become omnipresent in business with the open source development of applications as a natural fact. The use of open source from 2015 to 2016 has risen from 60% to 65%.

But not only the growth of open source is worth to mention. An important shift has taken place when it comes to the reasons for companies to choose open source. The low costs are not the most important argument for open source anymore, already since 2011. Companies nowadays not even use this argument during their decision making process.

Reason to choose open source, now and in the future:

    The quality of open source solutions.

    The competive power of its features and technical options.

    The possibility to customize the software.

Apparently open source offers value that rises above costs arguments because it is making companies much more innovative and therefore more agile in the market.

It is not the value of opensource itself that is important. It is the fact that companies are aware of that value that makes it groundbreaking.

Because of this eye opener open source is ‘allowed’ to enter deeper in the company.

In 2015 the top 3 of technical areas for open source were:

1) Cloud Computing

2) Big data

3) Operating Systems

Operating systems arrives at number 1 in 2016:

1) Operating Systems

2) Database

3) Development tools/Software Development Lifecycle


So the system people work with on a daily basis now is allowed to be open source as well.

The tide definitely has turned.

Source: Research Blackduck Open Source 2016

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